Receipt management doesn’t have to be so hard!

Managing, tracking, and storing the receipts and source documents. We all know it’s got to be done. But receipt management can also be the most time-consuming. Tracking down receipts for employee purchases, getting mileage logs turned in, employee time cards… It’s got to be done, but it can be done better!

Every business needs a great system for gathering and storing receipts. With cloud bookkeeping that process is so. much. easier. A great cloud-based bookkeeping software will integrate with powerful tools to help you simplify your receipt management, getting you back to building the business that you love in no time!

One misconception I often hear is that if a credit card was used for a purchase the receipt does not need to be saved. This is false! A credit card statement is not a valid receipt for purchases – think of it more like a bank statement. You’ve got to keep those receipts! But don’t worry, you can ditch the shoebox! 

Hopefully, you’ve found a great cloud-based bookkeeping software to manage your books. The beautiful thing about cloud-based platforms is the integrated ability to snap a picture of a receipt on your camera or select a PDF file from your computer, then upload the documents into your bookkeeping software through your web browser or the software’s smartphone app. From there, simply attach it to the corresponding expense in your ledger. No more digging through file cabinets, shoe boxes, or wallets to find the source document for an expense! Simply find the expense in your ledger, and view the attached image.

Receipt Management Software

For a more robust receipt, invoice, and business document management system I recommend HubDoc or Receipt Bank. These services allow you to store all of your documents in one place and connect with your cloud-based bookkeeping software to make matching expenses to receipts a breeze. You can snap a photo from your smartphone and load it, upload a document from your computer, or even forward that invoice from your email directly to the receipt platform.

Bookkeeping is changing, and changing for the better! Implementing some of the tips I have been sharing will save you time and money while giving you a better picture of your business finances in real time.

Equip Bookkeeping is a cloud-based bookkeeping service empowering businesses and nonprofits around their finances. I can help you make smart, confident decisions about your business. 

Let’s take a look at the current state of your business together. Is it healthy? What could be improved, or focussed on to create more profit? Or maybe you’re just sick of doing the books?

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