Get a great bookkeeping software that works for you and your business.

Next up in the Brilliant Bookkeeping tips is all about your bookkeeping software! If you’re building a house, the right tools can save you time, and money. The same goes for building a business!

Still using a spreadsheet? It’s great that you’re doing what you can to keep track of your business finances, but a spreadsheet allows for more errors, and cannot give you the best information about your business finances.

Think about a spreadsheet like a doctor listening to your heart with a stethoscope. There is some information about your health that he can learn. In this case, you’ll know how much money came in, and how much went out, and which number is greater. But an MRI will give the total picture. This is what a great accounting software can do for you! You will get to see the total picture of your business finances to see if you are truly profitable, areas that could be tightened up in, and areas that are thriving and would benefit from more focus.

Have you considered cloud-based bookkeeping?

Maybe you’re already using a bookkeeping software but haven’t moved to a cloud-based bookkeeping software yet. This move can really streamline your bookkeeping tasks, gives you and your team access in real-time, and reduces the risk of loss, or stolen information.

The right cloud-based software can save you up to 5 hours a month on data entry, hunting down receipts, managing invoices, and other mundane bookkeeping tasks! It allows different team members, including your bookkeeper to have access when they need it. The two I use, Quickbooks Online, and Xero, have great smartphone apps to increase your team’s efficiency even more and integrate with most point of sale software, and apps that streamline some of those time-consuming bookkeeping tasks such as sales tax, payroll, and even paying the bills. A basic plan for Xero or Quickbooks Online costs you only $10-15 per month. That’s a great investment for your business! 

Have a question about moving your books from a spreadsheet to the cloud? E-mail me and I’d love to answer your questions!

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