Gunnison Payroll, Accounts Payable

What I Offer

After I review your books I will make recommendations on the services I can offer that will streamline your bookkeeping, free up more of your time (and the time of your office manager), and make sure things are being done accurately, on time, and are audit-ready.

Ask me about any of the services you may be interested in during our consultation: 

  • Cash Flow Management:  A simple, proven plan for healthy cash flow and increased profit.

  • Payroll? I have options, let’s chat about it!
  • Inventory: If you track and sell inventory I can help!

  • Sales Tax: I’m here to help you navigate set up, and properly file your sales tax.

  • Contractors? No problem! I can work with you to get the information needed to track, pay, and report all “1099” work.

  • Accounts Receivable: Help with generating, sending, and collecting customer invoices.

  • Accounts Payable: A great system to help you pay bills on time, and with a great audit trail. (NOTE: I will never sign checks for you, or spend money on your behalf!)

  • Receipt Management:  Ready to go paperless? I offer a great system for storing and tracking all of the paperwork!